Similar to your vehicles, your boat requires thorough attention with regular detailing as well to maintain its condition. Provided the usual elements, your boat would be susceptible to severe wear and tear, with zebra mussels, algae, and water spots that feasts on your interior’s delicate materials and your paint. With expert boat detailing and cleaning, you can maintain the appearance of your boat and prolong its life. It is recommended to have your boat detailed by a professional, however, if you plan to try doing it yourself, you can refer to these tips below for you to follow: 

Begin with rinsing 

You can significantly clean the surface of your boat by eliminating loose debris on it. A fine spray of freshwater using a pressure washer or a hose nozzle beginning from the top down the bottom of your boat will move in action for the following step. 


After you’ve rinsed your boat, start removing stubborn dirt or debris from the surface of your boat. What you need is a good boat cleaner that makes a great amount of lather to get the dirt and completely clean the surface. But before the lather dries, make sure to wash off the lather. Otherwise, your paint will be at risk of being damaged. Moreover, professionals refraining from using cheap boat cleaners or soap since it could damage your boat’s overall finish. 

Buff out 

After thoroughly cleaning your boat, you might notice a bit of dull shine that occurs. This is basically because the lacquer or the topcoat has lost its shine year after year. To bring back the glossy look that you love, you have to buff the exterior by utilizing a rotary buffer or by using your own hand. This step intends to remove oxidation and it preps your boat’s surface for the following step—exterior waxing. 

Exterior waxing 

Putting wax to your boat has 2 benefits—it helps protect your boat’s surface against the grime and dirt, which implies that you won’t have to detail your boat frequently, and it can revive the showroom shine to make it appear attractive. 

Interior cleaning 

This step comprises cleaning the seating area and carpeting thoroughly, which is basically performed with the help of a steam cleaner. Other companies offer within their package the cleaning of your boat’s trunk area. You need to clean your leather and vinyl as well and condition it. 

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